Homemade pancake mix recipe!!

Practice is great for a guy, and we strongly believe in it and hope you agree with it. There is no advantage without pain. There is pain and preparing and baking definitely needs a great deal of preparation alongside a few clever tricks and tips. If you’re here, I presume you’re browsing the web for a delicious pancake recipe that is easy to follow. Ok, you’re definitely in the right place. Will you like to know in a while how to cook pancake?

Here’s how you can make Homemade pancake mix recipe by following the below mentioned instructions;


1 cup all purpose flour (maida)

2 tsps sugar (powered sugar recommended)

2 tsps good quality baking powder

¾ cup of milk

1 egg (beaten)

2 tbsps vegetable oil (canola oil would also go)

3 tbsps butter or ghee

Salt to taste

Step 1: The making of batter

Combine the above-mentioned quantity of flour, sugar, baking powder and a pinch of salt as per taste in a large contain and stir constantly, ensure there are no lumps left, the batter has to be distributed evenly. Add on the remaining ingredients. Add egg and pour milk into the dry mix. Continue to whisk the ingredients until the batter turns to be thick liquid with a smooth texture having a creamy consistency. Do not over mix the batter. Once the batter is ready, let it rest aside for 4-5 minutes.

Step 2: Preparation of cooking surface

Pick a large, flat surface skillet so that you can cook multiple pancakes all together. Place the skillet on the cooktop and turn on the gas stove over a medium flame. Heat 2 tablespoon of canola and 1-2 spoons of batter. Let the butter melt and spread it all over the surface evenly. Just after the butter starts sizzling, add the pancake batter using a deep ladle.

Step 3: Cook and Serve

Pause till bubbles pops up on the batter and then turn it over the other side. Flip continuously until you see it in lightish brown in color on both the sides of the pancake.
And your pancakes are ready, for toppings fresh fruits, chocolate chips or sauce, whipped cream are great options.

You can then enjoy the delicious pancakes.

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