How cooking is therapeutic

After a long hectic day at work, when you come home and take out some time cooking dinner. Cutting vegetables with chop chop sound is such a soothing feeling to the mind and also the excitement of getting a nice and delicious meal after this mind relaxing activity. Cooking therapy is a remedy which many people are not aware about. If you love cooking and enjoy it, then it has so many positive effects on your mind, body and soul. It helps in healing your soul and that is the reason it is actually therapeutic. You will be amazed to know that culinary therapy is actually used as the treatment in many clinics for the people who are suffering from many mental and behavioral issues like eating disorders, anxiety, depression, ADHD and any type of addiction to make them engaged with cooking activities.

There is an important link between cooking and your mental and physical health. That link is nutrition. When you cook yourself, you are able to control the quality and the nutritional value of the food. Choosing a high nutrition diet keeps your brain healthy and body fit. Many essential nutrients like zinc, magnesium, Omega3 fatty acids, iron, vitamins, amino acids or proteins, etc are really important for a healthy brain, energetic body and great metabolism.

Cooking has many advantages physically, socially, cognitively and intrapersonally and that is why it is called cooking therapy. In physical terms, cooking requires proper movements of shoulders, arms, wrist, neck, fingers and obviously good balance. It also includes muscle movements in lifting thighs, cutting, chopping, etc. Sensory actions are important while cooking to save yourself while dealing with hot cookwares and food and also sharp knives.

Cooking helps in encouraging creativity. It also helps people to feel happy as cooking gives them opportunity to make others happy and nurture them. This boosts self love and confidence. It gives you a feeling of self worth as you are able to complete a task in a good way and feel satisfied. This reduces the anxiety and stress. The satisfaction of eating a healthy cooked meal with family gives you a reward of a successful and healthy version of your personality. Food has a great culture, ethical and religious value as it brings the family together while baking, cooking, shopping for food, etc. which unites the family and increases family values.

So from all these points we can say that everyone should try cooking therapy which has a lot of advantages from every perspective

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