Best Restaurants in Bangalore

We know Bangalore, a capital city of Karnataka state, as Silicon Valley as this is the technology hub for the majority of tech companies and also a house of many entrepreneurs from all over India. Along with that, Bangalore is famous for its awesome weather and sumptuous foods. No matter where you are from, you can get all the delicacies here. Being a South Indian state, it is rich in almost all south states’ foods as well as northern states. From chole bhature to dosa you will find every delicious dish in the restaurants of Bangalore. Let us check out the best restaurants in Bangalore

  1. Grasshopper:

It is run by a pair of fashion designers Sonali Sattra and Himanshi Dimri. This restaurant is famous for the fusion it gives both in the food and the design. If you want to relax and have a meal without any hurry, then this place is for you which is far away from the noise of the city. This restaurant is situated on a farm of the fashion designers which is the most picked up place for the people mostly on weekends. There is an outer dining area full of greenery and music which makes it a peaceful place to relax for some time.

  1. Karavalli:

This restaurant offered the most desired food experience in the city. Karavalli was lifted in San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 best restaurants. This is one the best south Indian restaurants where you can find in Bangalore which provides a variety of sound Indian meals from seasonal meals to wood fire foods. The head chef makes sure that people can enjoy every south Indian food varied from Bangalore to Goa. You will have a lot of options for sea foods on the menu and also vegetarian dishes to enjoy.

  1. Cafe Thulp:

This is among Bangalore best restaurants as this is the best choice for the local people to hang out. Cafe Thulp is famous for their burgers, it is said that they serve the best burgers in the city. If you come here, then burgers are a must-try as beef burgers are gourmet, you can ask for the topping the way you want from general to something unique to try. There are many burger options for vegetarian people as well like sweet corn and tofu burger, falafel burger, etc which are a must-try at this place.

  1. Edo restaurant and bar:

It is situated in ITC Gardenia hotel and is an authentic Japanese restaurant that serves a variety of dishes. Here is a minimal design and a soothing environment to relax and enjoy drinks with nice Japanese dishes.

So these are some of the best restaurants in Bangalore which you should once if you visit Bangalore or are already in the city.

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